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Why is Commercial Carpet Cleaning Important?

Commercial carpet cleaning can make an impact on the way your business is perceived. It will also extend its lifespan and prevent a premature replacement. Ideally, a regular cleaning schedule is implemented. This should include regular vacuuming and internal maintenance. It should also involve restorative hot water extraction, shampooing and bonnet cleaning for older carpets.

High Traffic Areas

The highest volume areas in a building or commercial space are hallways, entrances and gathering spaces. High traffic areas receive constant foot traffic, which can cause the carpet to show signs of wear and tear faster than other carpeted areas.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The carpeting material used in these spaces should be durable and stain-resistant. This generally means a low-pile cut made from nylon, olefin or polyester fibers. Spots and spills should be cleaned immediately with a mix of white distilled vinegar and water to prevent them from setting into the fibers.

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels are the hub of activity and the carpeting in hotel rooms can accumulate a lot of dirt. This dirt can include stains from food, beverages, cosmetics, gum, crayon, and even urine. Keeping these stains clean is critical for the comfort of the guests.

Hospitality carpet cleaning is very different than commercial carpet cleaning and requires specialized equipment. A bonnet machine with a rotating brush, which releases and encapsulates grease and dirt, is often used for hotel carpet cleaning. The cleaning solution is then sucked up leaving behind a dry residue that can be vacuumed.

It takes a little more time to get a contract with a hotel, but once you make the connection you’ll be able to maintain that hospitality carpet and extend its life with regular cleanings. Use social media, networking and direct mail marketing to promote your business to local hotel managers and owners.

Corporate Spaces

Carpet in a commercial space like an office can be prone to spillages, food crumbs and general wear and tear. Most offices will have janitorial services which will be responsible for vacuuming and spot cleaning, but it is important to schedule in annual or bi-annual deep cleans, to keep your commercial carpet at its best.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keeping the carpet in your business clean will show your employees, customers or visitors that you care about your business. It will also provide a better first impression and make your building more appealing to potential new clients.

Cinemas and leisure centers are a common place to find high volumes of people, this coupled with spillages, fizzy drinks, cheesy nachos and general dirt can cause a real challenge for carpet cleaning. Finding a method which offers a deep clean and fast drying times is key to keeping the carpet in good condition.

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