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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Our extremely thorough tile and grout cleaning process will leave your floors sparkling. Over time dirt and grime finds its way into grout lines and depressions in tile. We’ll professionally clean your tile, restoring it to so that it looks great again! We use the chemistry and top quality equipment to pull the dirt out of those grout lines and tile that you would of never even knew existed. You want to hire a trusted company for your professional tile and grout cleaning in San Diego? Advanced Steam Cleaning is the company you’ve been looking for. We clean tile and grout of all types. Whether we’re cleaning ceramic tiles, porcelain or natural stone like slate, marble, or travertine, we’ve got the right solutions to deep clean and restore your floors, showers, or other hard surfaces. Cleaning filthy tile and dirty grout lines can pose a very difficult cleaning challenge for even the most seasoned do it yourself tile and grout cleaner. Scrubbing each grout line with a toothbrush is time consuming and getting no where certainly isn’t much fun. Instead, we harness the power of our powerful 1400 RPM , 1,200 PSI steam truck mounted machines along with specialty tools to hit your stubborn tile and grout lines hard! To do this, we use a fully contained hot water, high pressure tile and grout cleaner system for deep, effective cleaning.

Tile and grout are great alternatives to carpet and wood. While it may compliment the general look to your home, you will come to realize they do no look as good as they once did. From steam cleaning to tile cleaning A.S.C is a team you can trust.

Tile & Grout Cleaning Steps

Advanced Steam cleaning are experts in the cleaning of all tile and grout from usual ceramic all the way to delicate Spanish tile. We have the experience and tools to get that deep clean your looking for

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We also off services to commercial property, as well as residential property.

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we are committed as professional carpet cleaners to get a deeper clean, faster drying carpets and safer home. We provide carpet cleaning services all across San Diego County and surrounding areas