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Northmont Park

Northmont Park in La Mesa CA is a Great Neighborhood

Choosing the best neighborhood to live in is a very important step when you’re looking for your dream home. Northmont Park is a great place to live because of the great schools in the area, the climate, and the great proximity to shopping, restaurants, and more. More about California here!

School information is provided by the government

Located in San Diego County, La Mesa is a quaint town that boasts a pleasant Semi-arid Steppe climate. Typical summer temperatures range from 56 degrees Fahrenheit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The city’s official flower is a bougainvillea. La Mesa also has a fair number of banks, most notably Wells Fargo Bank, National Association.

There are also several parks to check out, most notably MacArthur Park. In fact, La Mesa’s Park and Recreation Foundation is currently running a capital campaign that will pay for five new parks. The most impressive of these is the new Highwood Park teen center, which is the brainchild of Ellen Ochoa, a native of Los Angeles who attended La Mesa’s Grossmont High School.

In terms of school information, La Mesa’s Spring Valley schools are not to be overlooked. The Spring Valley district includes 23 schools, including an elementary, middle and high school. It also boasts a student population of 11,203. The La Mesa-Spring Valley student-teacher ratio is higher than the state average, with 18.6% of the student population being English language learners. The district is also home to four full time counselors.


Located in San Diego County, La Mesa has a Semi-arid Steppe climate. The climate is mostly dry and hot in summers, with warm winters. However, La Mesa does get some precipitation. The average rainfall in La Mesa is 12 inches per year.

The wettest season is Spring. La Mesa has a 5% chance of rainy days during this season.

The coldest month of the year is December. The driest season is August. The clearest part of the year is around September. The least sunshine days are in February. The UV index is lowest in December.

The predominant average hourly wind direction is variable throughout the year. The wind experienced at any given location is dependent on the topography of the area. The average wind speed in La Mesa is 7.9 miles per hour. The average wind direction is generally north to south.

The temperature in La Mesa ranges from 44degF to 83degF. The average high temperature is 66 degF. The average low temperature is 46 degF-58 degF. The average water temperature in La Mesa is below 61 degF. A fantastic read!

Schools in the area

Located in the city of La Mesa, California, Northmont Elementary is a smallish school serving 434 students in Pre-K – 6. This school is part of the La Mesa-Spring Valley School District.

The school is staffed by 20 full time teachers. It also has a library media center, a parent-teacher association, and a student-teacher ratio of 25.1:1 for its kindergarten through fifth graders. The school is rated a 6 out of 10 for its relative quality of education. It is also the fifth highest ranked among 18 elementary schools in the La Mesa-Spring Valley district.

Northmont Elementary School’s accomplishments include a top-notch technology and science curriculum, a small class size, and a small town feel. The student population has sunk by 13% over the last five years, but the school still boasts a relatively racially balanced demographic. Its academic curriculum includes spelling, reading, and math. There are also a host of extracurricular activities to choose from, including a teen center run by the East County Boys and Girls Club.

Neighborhoods nearby

Located in San Diego County, La Mesa is a moderately walkable city. The area is popular for its slower-paced atmosphere and quiet surroundings. It is home to 56,778 people and has 25,243 jobs. It was incorporated in February 1912. It is part of the San Diego-Chula Vista-Carlsbad metropolitan area.

La Mesa is home to a variety of housing options. Houses are available in a variety of unit sizes and building styles. They include single story homes, condos and townhouses. They are located near grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants. They are also close to public bus lines. Almost all homes in La Mesa are within a walking distance from a grocery store.

The majority of homes are single family. Several apartment buildings are also located in the area. Homes in La Mesa, CA tend to be more expensive than homes in Rocklin, CA and Lilburn, GA. The median house price in La Mesa, CA is more than $376,286. Check this out!

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